What is Student Safety Insurance Policy?

By | March 18, 2020

Student Safety Insurance policies are allowed to students & can be benefited by educational systems, for example, schools, universities, and so on to help their students. This policy issued under the name of educational institution and claim is paid out to the watchman or parent of an influenced student.

Student Safety Insurance

What are the highlights of Student Safety Insurance Policy?

  • Spread: Under this policy, the students will be secured against loss of one or the two legs, one or the two eyes, one arm and one eye, incomplete disablement, lasting disablement and furthermore in case of death.
  • Policy Term: the Student Safety Insurance policy covers a time of a year.
  • Policy Amount: This insurance policy is given at a policy measure of Rs. 25,000, Rs. 50,000 or Rs. 1, 00,000.
  • Recharging: In request to reestablish the policy, you can approach your insurance supplier before the date of expiry.
  • Claim suggestion: Generally, the insurance supplier must be informed of the accident, passing or damage to the guaranteed inside seven days of its event.

Student Safety Insurance Policy Exclusions

During the time of handicap, the student can’t claim variable remunerations from various requirements under the policy. Installment made after claiming half – 100% of the Sum Assured will be rejected.

Claims that surpass the Sum Assured under the policy, in a similar time of profiting the insurance, will be rejected.  Suicide endeavour, unlawful/criminal acts, damage or misfortune, caused because of the impact of medications or liquor, madness, and so on isn’t secured under this policy. Any claim identified with pregnancy isn’t secured under this plan. Any damage or misfortune emerging out of war or atomic exercises is additionally barred from the spread.

Student Safety Insurance Policy Exclusions

Imagine a scenario in which Death Caused by an Accident.

  • Claim form duly filled by the concerned institutional or educational institution so on.
  • Medical bills and other documents about the treatment. (originals)
  • X-Ray and report, assuming any.
  • Certified after death report copy.
  • Certified demise declaration copy.
  • Certified copy of the Police FIR/Panchnama.

For Injury Caused unintentionally and Consequent Hospitalization

  • Claim form properly filled by the concerned educational institution (school/school, and so on.)
  • Claim form or medical report properly filled by the concerned medical specialist.
  • Medical bills and other documents about the treatment (firsts)
  • X-Ray and report, assuming any
  • Certified copy of the Police FIR/Panchnama
  • Certified copy of 2 months’ participation list from the concerned educational institution.

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