Learn about the Mortgage Insurance Premium Tax Deduction

By | March 15, 2020

Mortgage insurance tax deduction was first introduced in 2006 but the benefits of them were quite incredible, having the potential of increasing the monthly budget significantly too. Back in 2006, when the tax deductions started on mortgage insurance premiums, the extension was good for only a single year as the deduction used to expire on December month.

After several changes from the Government and specifically the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 extended the mortgage insurance premiums which tends to be resuscitated annually. However, on this year California Representative Julia Brownley introduced the Mortgage Insurance Tax Deduction Act of 2019. As per this act, the deduction was in tax code and they tend to apply to all amounts paid since 2017.

Mortgage Insurance Premium Tax Deduction

About Mortgage Insurance

This is essentially required to the Lenders in order to secure the debts in a specific event which might or assumed to be taken place. Insurance under this category is generally charged to the buyers those who are not willing to make down payment which is often 20% of the whole property.  There are many private insurance companies which can issue this insurance. Federal Housing Administration can also assist in securing those insurance premiums. On the other hand, some departments such as Agriculture, Rural Housing and Veterans Affairs often possess funding of monthly insurance.

Why I Need Mortgage Insurance

Deduction claims

The premiums for Mortgage insurance s that are paid during the year are reported on Form 1098 which should be given by the lender at the end of the tax year. The amount which you have already paid is generally present in the 4th box. If both you and your loan qualify for the requirement, then you can claim for any amount of deduction at present without any limitation as well as you can also deduct the entire amount too.

One must itemize the deductions using the Schedule A which reports everything regarding the mortgage tax deductions. In case if you skip this procedure not everything is lost at a time and you can amend your tax return with the IRS. This can be done for three years after filing the original return or else two years after the due payment of the tax on that return.


The tax deduction for this insurance phases out by 10% for every $1000 which increases the gross income to $100,000 literally. This means that you are not eligible to claim for this premium being from a middle-class family. On the other hand, being married and separate filing can phase out starting from $50,000 and increases for each $500 as well which also means that it is hard to manage.

Insurance cancellation

In case you don’t require the insurance besides the conventional monthly budget management and separate savings probability, they can also be voluntarily canceled after proving that the insurance is no longer required by a professional. However, Congress is not going to renew the insurance again for the next year, which is why one should save some money other than taking steps to cancel the policy.

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