What are the best cancer insurance plans in India? – List of Cancer Insurance Plans

By | March 9, 2020

Who does ever imagine to be diagnosed with one of the fatal diseases that is cancer? However, what happens if you or any of your near ones fall prey to it. Simply it takes away all the hope and leaves you in despair. However, health insurance companies offer you a cancer insurance scheme to shield you financially against the disease. The scheme is designed to bear the cost of the treatment. Additionally, policyholders need to pay the premiums on a discounted price if the sum is above Rs 10 lakhs. Therefore, today let us explore some of the best cancer insurance plans in India.

Aegon life i Cancer Insurance plans

The cancer insurance plan from Aegon is hassle-free and you can easily get this online. Remember that here you will get the claims according to the stages of cancer. If the stage is minor then about 25% of the sum is offered by the policy. Now if the patient is diagnosed at a major stage then about 100% of the sum is guaranteed to the patient. However, if the doctors nod that it is the last stage then the policy leverages the insured with 150% of the amount.

Max life cancer Insurance plan

According to this insurance plan, the assured sum is crafted for three stages like the minor, major and the critical. According to the norms of the policy in the first two, phases the patient is offered 20% of the amount with huge benefits. And the rest of the sum is provided in case of cancer does not get healed. The policy offers the sum for organs like the breast, vulva, rectum, ovary, etc infected with cancer. Remember that the policy will not offer the coverage if the cancer is caused due to sexually transferred disease or due to the addiction like alcohol or contamination caused due to the radioactive.

HDFC Life cancer care plan

HDFC has segregated the scheme into three stages, platinum, silver and gold. The silver plan is applicable if the patient is in the early stage of cancer. In that case, the policy will pay 25 % of the sum. However, in the major stage, the entire percentage will be given. They also club up the gold and silver plan to offer an increment in the percentage, which is 10% every year unless the claim gets escalated to 200% of the initial amount. Moreover, the platinum plan is an extension of the gold scheme where the insured gets the sum equivalent to 1% for  5 years consecutively.

Bharti Axa Cancer Insurance

The best feature of the policy is that is curated to cover all the stages of cancer. Moreover, you do not need to have an early check-up prior to getting the policy. The minimum sum insured is 2 lakhs and at the most, the patient can get 30 lakhs. And, the tenure of the policy extends from 10 to 40 years span.

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