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What is Student Safety Insurance Policy?

Student Safety Insurance policies are allowed to students & can be benefited by educational systems, for example, schools, universities, and so on to help their students. This policy issued under the name of educational institution and claim is paid out to the watchman or parent of an influenced student. What are the highlights of Student… Read More »

Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in India

What is a health insurance policy? It is a piece of agreement between the companies between health insurance and policy seeker. According to the terms of the policy, the insured will get the medical expenditures from the insurer. In order to have the policy, the insured will have to pay the premiums that too on… Read More »

What should I know about vehicle insurance in India?

What should I know about Vehicle Insurance in India? – Complete Information about Vehicle Insurance : Of course, you value your vehicle! The pride & joy that you feel while maneuvering your vehicle, your car that you bought following quite a while of thought, research and sparing, is incredible. Along these lines, even the scarcest… Read More »

Learn about the Mortgage Insurance Premium Tax Deduction

Mortgage insurance tax deduction was first introduced in 2006 but the benefits of them were quite incredible, having the potential of increasing the monthly budget significantly too. Back in 2006, when the tax deductions started on mortgage insurance premiums, the extension was good for only a single year as the deduction used to expire on… Read More »

Laptop Insurance: Coverage, Claim & Exclusions

What is Laptop Insurance? Laptop insurance offers complete coverage for laptop devices from different risks. The risks may incorporate stealing, fluid spills, fire, and accidental damage alongside electrical and mechanical breakdown. It helps meet the amazing fix costs. Many insurance companies in India also offer drivers or additional benefits at an additional expense for improved… Read More »

Home Insurance Tips for Large Families Check Now

Home Insurance Tips for Large Families Check Now – Some Home Insurance Tips for Large Families: Home insurance contributes a solution to some of the problems in unexpected circumstances that can involve a vital expense for a large family where chances that you don’t have insurance. The reason for living is to cover any unexpected… Read More »